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Did You Know?

The transparent plastic water bottles you buy to quench your thirst may not be as safe as you think!
When a plastic bottle is exposed to high temperatures (e.g., very hot storage conditions), harmful pollutants can mix with the liquid it contains. Therefore, endangering your and your family’s health without you knowing.
Choose safe and clean water with Green and Pure LLC!

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Systems Ranging Between $1017.00 - $3999.00

Financing Options Available

Drinking Regular Tap Water Can Be Extremely Harmful For You And Your Family. On The Other Hand, Bottled Water Is Expensive And Leads To More Plastic Waste In The Environment. There Must Be A Solution!

Why suffer when inexpensive, clean, & safe water is merely a call away?

Get A Whole House Filtration System That Provides Fresh, Great Tasting Water And Doesn’t Harm The Environment. The Green And Pure LLC Provides The Most Affordable Water Filtration Systems For Homes & Businesses In Florida.

Enjoy Clean, Safe Water Without The Contaminants
Our reverse osmosis technology removes 99.9% of all contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.
Get The Best Price
We will beat any quote on the market.
You’ll See Positive Health Effects
After using our clean, filtered water, you may experience better hair and skin.
Extend The Life Of Your Appliances And Pipes
Our water filtration system includes a water softener that keeps your plumbing safe and may extend the life of your appliances.
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Financing Available
Available Easy leasing options available. No money-down & no credit check.

Does water filtration systems increase home value? Research indicates that adding a water softener to your home can increase its equity anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

You Should Never Have To Risk Your Health For The Sake Of Convenience Or A Lower Price! The Green And Pure LLC Helps You Ensure You And Your Loved Ones Have Access To Clean Drinking Water At The Most Affordable Prices!

We have been providing water filtration systems for over 22 years.
We have installed over 50,000+ filtration systems.
Nobody can beat our prices in the market.

Get Safe Drinking Water In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Get a Free Water Analysis
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Choose a Suitable Option
If you need it, have a system installed now while it’s on sale.
Get Pure, Clean Water!
Enjoy better health and peace of mind with the best quality, fresh-tasting water.

We Provide Top-Quality Water Filtration Systems To Homes & Businesses In Port St Lucie And The Surrounding Areas.

Show Us Your Estimate, We'll Meet Or Beat Any Price With A BETTER System!

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Spending On Clean Water Is The Best Use Of Your Money! We Provide The Safest & Most Affordable Drinking Water In Florida!