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Expertly installed home water treatment systems optimized for your water.

How Our Process Works

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1. Schedule

Fill out our form to schedule your free in-home water test. It only takes a minute.

2. Test

We’ll test your water and show you exactly what’s in it.

3. Plan

We’ll discuss home water treatment options that meet your needs.

4. Install

Our industry-leading pros provide convenient & quick installs.

About Us

Protect your Home, Protect your Family

At the green and pure, we strive to provide our customers with superior products and services that are also sustainable and eco friendly. We specialize in water filtration systems, water treatment, and water softener installation. Our primary goal for this project is to boost product sales. We trust your expertise and are open to your creative ideas to help us reach our goal. We invite you to help us increase brand awareness and educate consumers about the importance of clean water. We look forward to working together and creating a successful project.

Common Water Problems

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What is your water

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Happy Customers

Based on 15 reviews
Janet Hohn
Janet Hohn
We are new to the PSL area and tried to find a service provider that would work with us to get a system like the one we loved at our previous home. The Green and Pure was highly recommended by another company that wouldn’t travel to this area. We can’t be more pleased with the A+ service Robert provided. From customizing the system based on our needs to installation.
Tom C Pomaski
Tom C Pomaski
It looked like I had a bad leak so I reached out to my friends waterman and to my amazement Bob was here in 20 minutes he could've told me anything but he was honest and it was just water pressure and nothing was wrong he didn't even charge me for his time i highly recommend him its nice to know an honest man I forgot the best part it was Saturday evening!! Great service!!!
Josh Truesdale
Josh Truesdale
Bob @ The Green and Pure is a life saver! I was in a real crunch because I needed carbon for an install I was doing. I called several places and inquired about getting carbon to no avail. I called The Green and Pure and was overwhelmed at the length Bob was willing to go out of his way to make sure I got carbon for my water purification system. I work for a different company, so for him to go the extra mile and get me the supplies I needed without making a cent blew me away. I guess that's because it seems like less people go out of their way to genuinely help others, especially if you are a competitor. He even called me to check up and make sure I got every thing I needed. Outstanding customer service for someone who isn't even a customer. I'd imagine he does all this and more for his actual customers. Thanks again Bob @ The Green and Pure you're the best. Josh Truesdale
Ralfe Godinez
Ralfe Godinez
We hired the Green and Pure because we had a bad smell. Bob the owner came out to see us. He went over the problem and gave us advice for the hard water , also the smell and staining. Because he gave us priority being on a well. He showed up the next morning , within two hours we had clean soft water in 2.5 hours. Great service and price.
Joan Roberts
Joan Roberts
Thank you Green and Pure LLC (BOB) for the purchase and install of our new water softener! We're so happy to recommend you to anyone needing your services! Great Job! Great service!
J. S
J. S
Bob was great. Very communicative and helpful. He worked with me for what I needed and was there for support as well. I got a whole house filter, water softener and UV purifier for my house. I am on well water in Gainesville, FL Prices were better than many and the products are high quality. Thanks!
Raphael Morgan
Raphael Morgan
I recently got a complete water filtration system from The Green And Pure, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for my household. From start to finish, the entire experience with this company and their service was absolutely outstanding. First and foremost, the installation process was quick and seamless. The technician from The Green And Pure arrived promptly and was extremely professional. He assessed my well-water system thoroughly and provided me with a detailed explanation of how the filtration system would work to remove iron and soften the water. His expertise and knowledge made it evident that he knew his stuff, and he answered all my questions with patience and clarity. The quality of the filtration system itself is remarkable. Since the installation, my family and I have noticed a significant improvement in the taste and smell of our water. The iron and other impurities that used to plague our water are now completely eliminated. Not only does our water taste fresher and cleaner, but it also feels much softer on our skin and hair. It's a true delight to bathe and wash dishes with water that no longer leaves any residue behind. The Green And Pure's customer service also deserves a special mention. They have been incredibly responsive and attentive to any concerns or queries I had post-installation. They genuinely care about their customers' satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure everything is running smoothly. It's refreshing to work with a company that values its clients and takes pride in delivering top-notch service. Moreover, The Green And Pure's well-water filtration system with iron removal, reverse osmosis and water softener is an investment that pays for itself. The long-term cost savings in terms of reduced maintenance, extended appliance lifespan, and improved efficiency are undeniable. I can confidently say that this system will not only benefit my family's health but also our budget in the long run. In conclusion, I highly recommend getting a water filtration system with iron removal, reverse osmosis, and water softener to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient water treatment solution. Their exceptional product quality, expert installation, and outstanding customer service make them a standout in the industry. Say goodbye to discolored and hard water woes with The Green And Pure - you won't be disappointed!
Gladys Ramirez
Gladys Ramirez
I purchased a water filter system for my apartment from Bob and he was quite friendly and informative. He tested the water before and after the installation of the water filter and explained all of the findings.
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